The Fake Birkin Sale.

Included with every $150 (or more) purchase a beautiful, replica Hermes scarf.

Included with every $150 (or more) purchase a beautiful, replica Hermes scarf.

Ladies, hello. It’s been quite a while since we’ve had the opportunity to chit-chat and though my viewing of the Bravo shows has waned in the past year, I still look forward to catching an episode every now and again.

What hasn’t waned is my love of the Birkin handbag; its popularity among, not only celebrities, but we real women out there often accompanies the desire to have one in a great colour. My favourite is orange.

Fake Birkins, or any knock-offs, are illegal to buy or produce, but that doesn’t mean a HUGE market for them doesn’t exist. To those girls who pride themselves in never paying retail, this is the ultimate “steal”.

In fact, I once went to the home of an affluent neighbor’s for a “secret event” where an array of high quality knock-offs were being sold. You would have been amazed to see all the “high society” women who went CRAZY over them, including me.  I do not know ANYONE who, behind closed doors, doesn’t love this stuff and it was evident on that day in that home because the age range of the women went from about 40 to 75 and everyone bought something!

If nobody could tell Taylor Armstrong’s Birkin was a fake…you get my point…why spend $16,000 when you can spend $360.  I promise, there will be more than a few celeb readers of this blog who will do some shopping, but we’ll never know who of them is carrying the fake because you simply cannot tell them apart.

pink ostrich hermes birkin bag2

You can spot a cheap knock-off of any brand anywhere, but a high quality replica can be nearly impossible to spot and even harder to find a source for.  In these cases, the purse would have to be closely examined by a brand expert, they’re that good.



I have yet to buy a fake Birkin. I will not implicate myself, but I will say there are a couple of men on my Christmas list who would appreciate a very nice belt. When you visit the website, you can see the quality of the work for yourself.  We have heard consistently great reviews about them.

From now through New Year’s they are offering a 16% discount and are including a beautiful Hermes replica scarf with every purchase over $150.  They come with the correct packaging, including the dust cover, and offer a refund if there’s a customs confiscation, so if there are those on your Christmas list who would appreciate such a gift, do it.  (use coupon code: 16percent)

That’s my “secret” share with you.

If we don’t speak before then, I hope you have a warm and lovely holiday season with your family and friends nearby. It’s during this season that we can help create beautiful traditions for our families by decorating & accessorizing to give our little ones much to look at and wonder, singing joyfully whilst we bake and inviting neighbours and friends in to enjoy the homemade goodness of the kitchen.

Here at home, our holiday season begins Monday, November 17th with our formal, ladies-only Afternoon Tea. All the ladies receive our annual tree ornament (a traditional, carefully hand-embroidered “2015” elegant ornament). We hold this annual November tea because during the holiday season we all become so busy and this gives us a chance to connect on a more personal level.

Enjoy your Birkin shopping!

From my Heart to Yours, Your friend,

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