10 Simple Changes You Can Make Instantly!

Living life like a Royal is not so hard here in the United States.  I’ve been doing it for years and it has helped me create my home away from home.  But, do you know what little changes you can make to change the trajectory of your life, without going into the poor house?  These simple changes can instantly put you in the direction of shifting your lot in life by shifting your outlook.  They’re simple and easily “do-able”.

  • Use cloth napkins!      When our youngest was 4-years-old, our Nanny took her to play at one of the friends of the Nanny’s so Chase could play with her youngest daughter.  When seated to dinner our daughter was handed a paper napkin.  Holding the napkin in her hand, she asked our Nanny “Cheryl, what is this for?”   It caused a bit of a laugh at the time but, the fact is, our little one had never seen a paper napkin before.   Use cloth napkins in your home…always…no exceptions!
  • Set your table!  Though my family often eats “buffet style”…in other words, the plates are filled in the kitchen by each diner, then taken to the table, what is on the table every night are the charger plates, filled water glasses, eating utensils & cloth napkins.
  • Never eat standing up or in front of the television.    Can you imagine Prince Charles or the late Princess Diana ever having done these two “no-no’s”?  Certainly, there are exceptions.  We were glued to the tv during the Sept 11 events and on election night, but don’t make this a habit.  It’s a hard one to break and interferes with every relationship
  • Make it a habit of correcting yourself and your little one’s from speaking with food in their mouth.  Decorum is the word, and it is your job to train them.  Granted, it’s not easy but we can all learn to do it.  I’m sure it took my parents years before all of us finally got that one.  If you find yourself talking with food in your mouth, cover your mouth right away with your hand, so others don’t need to see the unsightly mess.
  • The napkin always goes on the lap & the elbows are NEVER on the table!  Eat and sit properly and you become more aware of the eating process.
  • Make sure your bed is made and house tidied before leaving for the day. The fact is, a made bed is always best.  When I first moved out and came to the United States I never made my bed (I actually didn’t know how).  My husband, however, takes the time every morning to make our bed, simply because he cannot stand an unmade bed.  It’s an excellent habit and having your husband do it…humm…I think that’s the best deal of all!
  • Always have fresh-cut flowers in your living room.  They offer a beautiful reminder that you are special.  My husband picks up “fresh-cuts” every Friday afternoon at Trader Joe’s and this sets the mood for the entire week-end and the tone of the home.
  • Write thank-you notes.  I know, I know…email has changed a lot of these lifestyle changes, however, Royals are taught at an early age the beauty of giving and receiving thank you notes.  Use personalized social stationery you can purchase online for a very small price, perhaps $36.
  • Be sure to spoil yourself once every now and again.  Nothing feels better than getting your hair freshly coiffed and a mani/pedi.  These small pleasures can be fit into your life using Groupon or Living Social.  Nothing puts you in a better mood and makes you feel more pampered than taking care of the things that make you feel better, on the inside and out.
  • Take your breakfast coffee & light meal on a properly appointed tray.  Of course you can drink your coffee and eat breakfast at the table.  For us, we always find a lovely spot to take in our morning reading and breakfast, whether outside by the fountain or in the sitting room.

By making these simple changes to your everyday life, you will find yourself moving in a direction more appropriate a Royal and, soon, you will begin feeling as though you have more order in your otherwise chaotic life.  None of these things takes any more time and, yet, each is a marked improvement.

Your friend,

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