The Wholesale Flower Market

flowersLadies, next week I am going on a field trip to what’s said to be the largest wholesale flower market in the world and I’d like to invite you to come along with me.

With a million hotel rooms, exquisite and expansive lobbies filled with flora, and God knows how many weddings, it makes sense that Las Vegas would have the largest flower market.

I entertain endlessly when I’m here in Vegas and play hostess to so many guests. Not only do I want all my guest rooms to have fresh flowers, but I like the house filled with them, so for me, buying wholesale is the only way to go.

I have never been to the wholesale market. I have been buying my flowers from farmers markets and, because I typically buy a large quantity, I get super good prices…but as the sellers of these flowers stand in the heat hour-after-hour, so do the flowers. At the wholesale market, the flowers are kept very cool so that their best days are ahead of them.

I thought it would be fun for us to browse¬†the wholesale market and, together, find out the wholesale prices of flowers. What if we could get flowers super cheap? Buying flowers at Trader Joe’s is about $10 and so often we forget to grab a bunch.


Let’s get the skinny on wholesale flowers and get an inside look at the workings of a well-kept (and expensive) secret.

I’ll be taking lots of pics and video and I’ll post everything right here. If you want to go behind the scenes with me and watch the video, just say “yay” in the comment section (above).

I just know we’re going to love it.

Your friend,