A Short Tribute to Jane Birkin

jane birkin


“I only like boutiques.” - Jane Birkin

As I begin packing for my summer holiday I am wondering which Birkin to pack.  I know it sounds like quite the problem to have, but this summer I’m feeling all “orange”.   I think it’s the Dutch in me as I’ve been feeling some Dutch patriotism lately and have been carrying that one around for the past couple of weeks.

How we girls do things…so, if I decide to carry the orange one, this means I’ll have to select shift dresses with orange in the print & plan on wearing my white denims…alot.

Decision made. I’m carrying the orange one and packing the navy.  This will greatly expand my clothing choices and I’ll do what we women do best…       over-pack.  Can you relate?

We used to joke that our family travels with 19 suitcases, but the kids are grown and it’s now just a trip for the pair of us.  We’ll try to keep it to 6.

Have a great summer, girls. As usual, I’ll be posting my luxury glimpses and finds over on my Facebook page so you can enjoy the beauty of Europe with me.

xoxo, Your friend, 

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