The Call for Cat Ommanney

WARNING!  You are about to read a post where opinions are expressed very graphically & are for entertainment purposes only.  The opinions of the author and the comments that follow are not meant to defame or harm the reputations of the subjects of the post, but merely to entertain and are considered “Water Cooler Conversations”, opinions that people may or may not have expressed in the past.  These are opinions only and may or may not be based upon fact.  Lady Brooks is a social commentator and she brings those issues to the table that you may wish to ponder yourself and, perhaps, you can take something away from the commentary.  Brace yourself.


Anyone who knows me knows that I’m quite a conservative person in real life.  My mother might say that I say the “B” word quite a bit too often (and that I, therefore, have no business talking about appropriate behaviours) or that I am too funny for my own britches (I can’t agree with her there). I love meeting new people and I am quite comfortable sitting at the little people’s table and I’m not talking about kids, but regular people, just like you and just like me…although I absolutely adore sitting with kids, too.  They’re funny and cute, all at the same time.

We live in a barbarous world and, thus, I feel the need to call for civility.  I’m not talking about “thank you” notes and proper introductions, although I certainly believe in those things.  I’m talking about how the whole of society is at risk if we do not reign in some very bad behaviours and The Real Housewives of New York are a perfect example of that, what with their name-calling, back-stabbing and incredibly rude conversations and words.

Manners require quite a depth of attributes ranging from self-control to patience and an awareness and sensitivity of the feelings of others and, I feel, if I don’t call out for better behaviours we are doomed to extinction, to self annhialation, if we don’t reign this in, and this is why I love Cat Ommanney.

Cat has several things going for her, aside from her beauty and personal elegance.

She loathes “The Countess” in ways that I believe few of us understand.  She is witty and is able to call out bad behaviours on the spot, a required task when dealing with many of the crude and crass women of The Real Housewives of New York.  And she kissed Prince Harry (oh my holy hot pants!) and nothing, and I mean nothing can top that one, my Ladies.  Add to that the fact that she is British and, at least in my book, she’s got my vote to join the cast of The Real Housewives of New York, replacing the too tired, too old, and too exhaustive & toxic Jill Zarin,…

…who is so toxic to my home that I nearly had to fight my husband to the ground to keep the television set turned on during the re-union show! 

In my Open Letter to Bravo Andy to Fire Jill Zarin post, I forgot all the times I was too nice to Jill Zarin for her consistently outrageous bad behaviours.  I really regret that I didn’t read Bravo Andy the riot act because he did, in fact, read the post.  Oh, how I regret the things I could have said and didn’t!  The letter, as you recall, was short, sweet and to the point.  Now I fear our opportunity has gone because I don’t think he reads the blogs of too many bloggers out there and it was our one opportunity to really give him the goods.

I do appreciate all the many comments at the bottom of the post from our readers because these readers were able to articulate what I did not and I am certain that Bravo Andy took the time to read those, as well, so thank you, again, for leaving comments and please keep leaving them.  It goes to show me just how important and valued the opinions of others are…even the mean comment where the reader stated I was obviously un-intelligent and obviously blond (although I must admit, I do lighten my hair at least 100 shades to bring it up to its gorgeous blond colour!)

All of you know how much I enjoy goading reality tv stars and how I really hit pay dirt when I was able to get Jill Zarin’s goat.  It was something I was able to brag about for just a brief moment in time as the little “I own it” thief quickly took down her tweets to me so I couldn’t brag about it for long, but that’s old news.

I did see that Jill Zarin read the Open Letter to Bravo Andy, and I really counted that as another notch on my collar for having gotten her goat yet again, because shortly after she read the post I got an interesting tweet from a friend who said…

 “Maggie Reynolds wants you all to email her directly” (or something like that) leaving us her email address.  The tweet was addressed to myself and my colleague (I just love saying that), Lynn n Chicago and by that I mean @AnAmericanRoyal and @LynnNChicago.  Both our names were at the end of the post.  I contacted Lynn who said “Maggie has my email address.  She knows how to reach me.” so Lynn basically blew it off, which I thought was pretty cool.

As you recall, Maggie Reynolds is Jill Zarin’s cyber assistant, who handles all bad press generated on Jill’s Facebook and Twitter accounts and, obviously tries to control what we bloggers are saying out there in the blogosphere, always trying to put the Jill Zarin spin on things.  We’ve had our run-ins and I have reported each to you in earlier posts.  :)

I admit, I was confused by the message I received regarding Maggie Reynolds indirect message to us and, thus, retweeted it to all, since the message said Maggie wanted us “all” to email her directly.  Who is this “all”, I asked?  Is that everyone in my little twitter universe?  So I retweeted the darned thing!

Was that so wrong?  :)

With this open tweet I wasn’t exactly sure how to handle it from a “manners” perspective.  It seemed appropriate to me, as one who is schooled in proper behaviours, that if Maggie Reynolds wanted me to email her directly she should have the decency to tweet me directly.  Although, admittedly, it would have been a risk to her as I tend to make fun of these things, it was, nevertheless, the proper thing to do.

But it was so ambiguous to me…

that I immediately wanted to pick up the tele and phone Cat Ommanney herself to say “hahaha!  I got Jill Zarin’s goat again!  Do you think I was wrong to retweet that one?”

And that’s my point here.  If Lady Brooks wanted to immediately call Cat, then I think one could reasonably assume that she has become our voice of reason when it comes to handling these Real Housewives of New York.  Cat certainly knew how to handle the DC dynamic duo, the Salahi’s, so she would certainly know how to handle Jill Zarin and her little cyber assistant.

But, no.  I didn’t call Cat.  I decided it was best to leave her in peace because I am anticipating that she’ll soon be in our living rooms next season and, God knows, that girl’s going to need her rest when dealing with “The Countess” and the rest of the cast.  Let her rest, I thought to myself, poor dear.

Cat Ommanney is a Princess in my book for having called everyone out whenever they were behaving like barbarions in DC and she’s busy writing her next book for us, so thank you, Cat, we’ll see you next season!

I am so looking forward to the day someone actually spits in the face of “The Countess”, has the balls to say “your Pinot Grigio sucks” to Ramona and escorts our drunken Sonja to the bar with 10 sailors with her own video camera in-tow, just in case the crew is not with her.  We’ll definately want to catch that one!

In the meantime, I bow to the woman whose lips kissed Prince Harry, who walked out on the faux grape-stomping event and who actually had the audacity to speak poorly of President Obama in a black woman’s home and to her, I say, “Bravo, fair Lady”!…she’s the little hot pants who got to do what billions of women the world over have only dreamed about and I live vicariously through that kiss every time I think about it. I feel like slapping you I’m so damned envious, you little brat!  :)

Your friend,