Please Don’t Let Anyone Get Your Goat…

…or you could end up like Porsha Stewart, poor girl.

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Everyone knows that Kenya Moore is an attention-seeking drama queen who has spent the entire season trying to get Porsha’s goat. Why? We don’t really know but, when somebody who’s trying to get your goat wins, that only means trouble for you.

Best advice…don’t engage.

Now these women are cast members of a hit reality television show and their franchise, in particular, garners the highest ratings.  We watch it, of course, because we love watching OPD…Other People’s Drama.  It’s much more fun than having drama of our own.

This time Porsha went too far.  We understand that there’s a fine line between what’s acceptable and what’s not, but assaulting anyone is never justified, even if that person’s Kenya Moore…and even if that person’s been trying to get your goat all year long.

The person who’s been hurt in this situation is Porsha.  Although her mug shot is one of the nicest anyone’s ever seen of any celebrity, now she’s got issues she simply did not need.

Oy. Kenya should be ashamed of herself for pressing charges. Don’t you agree?

Your friend,

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