#RHOBH Taylor Armstrong Admits Birkins Were Fake!



Ever since we watched the episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” where Taylor Armstrong settled her lawsuit with Hermes Birkin bags and her engagement ring, rumours have been swirling that everything was fake.

We admit, we figured the ring was fake, but never really believed the Birkins were but, alas…

On twitter Taylor confirmed it when a follower asked her straight out…

“Are ur Birkin bags really fake?”

Taylor answered…

 “Absolutely! 2 that were gifts from my X ended up being fake #badgifts”

Then, not surprisingly, the follower told her to come clean and admit she knew they were fakes and Taylor said they were gifts and she never questioned their authenticity.

Hmmm. Since both Taylor and Russell have a reputation of being fraudsters, does it surprise you to hear her say that she was innocent in the fake Birkin story?

We know Taylor worked too hard to get into the Beverly Hills zip code to leave now, but she really doesn’t belong there.  We think Taylor needs to go back to Orange County (a community known for its fakeness) and raise her child more authentically.

Incidentally, people have been wondering of Taylor’s silver Birkin was a fake and we must presume the answer is “yes”, but we dare you to ask her on twitter.

Your friend,