The Duchess of York Takes on New Challenge

Sarah, The Duchess of York, has taken on a new charity role as Global Ambassador in the fight against human trafficking for the charity “Not for Sale”.

Said the Duchess:

“I am more than honoured and totally committed to put an end to human trafficking and devoted to Not For Sale and all that they stand for. It feels strong and steadfast to support Not For Sale, who have robustly and diligently worked their way to be a leader in the abolishment of the modern-day slave trade by remaining cohesive to their mission statement.”

As someone who is living out my childhood dreams, I strongly believe every child should be free to play and dream big, adults should be free to work, and above all, everyone deserves to be treated with dignity.”

I applaud Sarah for bringing attention to this very serious global problem and pray that none of our children fall victim to this horrendous crime.

Your friend,