And They’re Off! Alan Greenspan Racing Tomorrow


To all the fans of our Arabian, Alan Greenspan, whom I wrote about in the post “There’s Something to be Said About a Mid-life Career Change“, there’s news.  He has his third race tomorrow.  🙂

He’s now had some serious training and for an old guy, I’m pretty damned proud.

Here’s his racing history thus far…

Race #1:  He took the lead right out of the gate in his very first race.  He was in sixth position, then he quickly past fifth, fourth and so-on, taking the lead.  We screamed.  We stood up like crazy racehorse owners do.  And we stood in dead silence in an almost sureal moment.  For over three-quarters of the race Alan was in the lead.  Then something happened.  He started falling back, until finally he was in last place.  He didn’t just finish last.  He finished a full 15 lengths behind the other horses.  I lost my shirt.

Race #2:  Again, Alan Greenspan bolted out of the gate.  He immediately took first and held on until the very last second, when he took second.  Our trainers other horse took first.  This caused some suspicion on my part, but hell, this isn’t business for me and our Alan Greenspan was in the money.  I cried.  He smiled.  (do horses smile?  I’ve got a story about that I’ll share with you sometime).  Fortunately, we bet win or place, so we took home some bank and Alan got to stay on the racing circuit.

I’m all in




14 thoughts on “And They’re Off! Alan Greenspan Racing Tomorrow

  1. I do not know much about horse races, but I wish Alan Greenspan good luck and a successful race.
    Lady B-nothing wrong with a midlife crisis-it just demonstrates how mature one is, whether it’s an animal or a person.

    • Thank you for saying that because I agree. I was so excited to see his enthusiasm and can’t believe it myself. He has really worked quite hard to achieve this. I pray he does well, but it’s entirely up to him. Don’t know how he prepares his mind for the race, but whatever he’s doing is, quite simply, amazing.

  2. I’ll be waiting to hear the update! And yes, I believe horses can smile.

    • I think if they do, it’s differently than we do. I’ll go with the heart signing stuff. I’ll get to that funny horse smiling story at some point soon. You’ll laugh and cry at the same time.

  3. I grew up around Quarter horses (we lived at a house that had a roping arena next door)… those horses absolutely smiled… usually when they were being naughty and picking on the little kid who was trying to get them saddled, or clean their stall..

    Good luck Sir Allen, may all the others in the pack just see your rump and eat your dust..

    • Oh, how kind. Update. The race was cancelled, not enough entries for the first race of the day, his race. Bummer and good thing I didn’t plan on attending.

  4. Go with the wind, Alan Greenspan.

    • I love you already, Tarri! xoxo. Thanks for that. Alan’s big race was cancelled (I’ve never heard of that before) because there were not enough entrants. It turns out, the first 3 races in a horse’s racing career are considered “maiden” races. For a race to take place there need to be 6 entrants and there apparently weren’t, so they scratched it. He’s scheduled in Fresno next. All I can say is I’m glad I didn’t make the trip to LA to see him race today. 😦

  5. Thank you xoxoxo

    AG just wanted a couple more days to rest up. A friend of mine worked at a stable at Longacres here in Washington and I got to go with her for a couple of days. I love the behind the scenes action.

    • Yes, isn’t it fun. I love the smell of horses. I love their stables when their shavings are freshly laid down in the morning, I love the sweat of them after they’ve had a good work out. Early on in my blogging career (for which I am highly paid, I might add, haha) I wrote a post entitled “Why I Love Horse Racing & Polo” (I think that’s the title) that you might enjoy. Funny, but I wrote the post long before I ever knew I was going to soon be a race horse owner because of Alan’s mid-life career change. You might enjoy it. In fact, I’m going to go back and reread it now. 🙂

      • Great article, thanks for sharing your link.

      • Watching Alan in his new life is so much fun and he’s so happy. I truly love seeing happy horses because horses love to work. Yes, they love frolicking with their pals, but they are like people…determined to succeed and love to work hard. He’s been a real trooper.

  6. Lady Brooks, are you ok? I haven’t seen you around the last couple of days.

    • I just finished writing a page on the very ugly & sleazy subject of multi-level marketing & I had been gathering all my research together to write it so it was understandable and readible…that took up a good part of yesterday. Then I had meetings until I rushed home to watch the RHONJ, which as everybody knows, wasn’t on. Urgh. So I had nothing to smack about . I’m writing my post about last nights episode of RHOBH now. Juicy. Thank you for asking. That’s so nice of you.

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