The Call Every Mother Should Get


Yesterday I received a call that was prompted by the untimely death of Steve Jobs.  He was far too young to go.  The call was from my daughter, whom I frequently refer to as Platinum Hair with Roots, a lovely human being.

Miss “Platinum Hair with Roots”

It seems, while at work at the station, which is the top-rated all news station in our city, everyone was so saddened by his loss that they all decided they should call their parents to tell them how lucky they were to have them, recognizing that life hangs in a delicate balance and is far too short.

I received such a call…on air.

Mom, I just called to say how much I love you and I am thankful you are here because you are my anchor and I’d be lost without you.

Awww.  These calls to all the moms were played throughout the evening, during commercial segments.

We are all deeply saddened by the loss of Steve Jobs, but I think none more so than an entire generation of young people whose very lives have been touched by the vision of this man.  Young people grew up with Apple computers in their school computer labs, have their own Apple computers, iPhones and iPads.  Every important thing in their world has been touched by the genius of Steve Jobs and they are truly in mourning.  I understand this.

Major world events, such as earthquakes, tsunamis and flooding also tend to prompt calls from our children because it calls into their awareness just how fragile life is.  If we are blessed enough to have raised such thoughtful and considerate young people, then we have done a good job.  Rich or poor, success or failure, true success is measured in the relationships we have and how we have all “turned out”.  I am proud to be the mother of this lovely human being, platinum hair and all. 

Never change, child of mine.  I am so proud to have shared my life with you!

Now, make that call to your mother.

Your friend,




6 thoughts on “The Call Every Mother Should Get

  1. Trying to play off the tears in my eyes @ work right now. What a sweetie

  2. What a beautiful blog! Thank you for sharing that. 🙂

    • Yes, my pleasure. Such stories, though in everyone’s life, are often not talked about. I am not boasting about my child any differently than every mother does. In Yiddish, there’s a word called “k-velling”…it’s what mummy feels when she’s watching her brave little kindergardener on stage singing with classmates…we have our cameras rolling and we are so proud…only there is no word to describe the feeling in the heart that every mother knows. If you’re a mum, you know the feeling. xoxo

  3. My son is seventeen, a Junior in high school, and a Football player. Most boys his age wouldn’t be caught dead giving their mother a hug let alone a kiss. My son, I LOVE TO SAY has no problem giving me a kiss. Even in the middle of the entire football team. He makes me proud every single day of my life. I am so proud of the man he is and has become.
    Thank you for sharing such a personal part of your life with us. Congratulations on have a beautiful, intelligent, and loving daughter.
    I would include a photo, unfortunaltly I do not know how to import it. Sorry

    • Wow, that is quite an accomplishment, I must say. You must be very proud because he’s extremely mature and sure of himself, and that comes from outstanding parenting. The loving daughter thing is what I feel most fortunate to have and we’d all love to see a photo of a high school football player…we need to cheer that boy on, in spirit if not in person. Thank you for the share!

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