An Adorable Human. Being.


Cruising around (no pun intended) with daddy

We hear about the Law of Attraction (known in the twitter world as #LOA) and The Secret.  Here’s some food for thought for you.

So often we hear of only tragedy or despair, so I wanted to share these pictures of a beautiful human in the making.  Of course, all children are beautiful, but few are free to live without the encumbrances of the parent’s problems, be they financial, career or relationship.  Here is a very sheltered and well-cared-for child who is allowed to grow as all children should.

Suri Cruise made Yahoo News today because she apparently wants a pony for her birthday and a pair of diamond earings and this is something that people are finding outrageous.  I dare say, I can’t think of a single daughter I’ve raised who didn’t want these things, although we had one who wanted a unicorn and not just a pony!

I want people to stop criticising this child and her mother.  Leave them alone.  They are living their lives and they are not getting in anyone’s way.  But I digress…

Let’s talk about living in a world where we achieve the things we want simply because we can’t, for one minute, think of a single obstacle that would get in our way of achieving it, as is the case in Suri’s world.

She is not bound by a single restriction.  Finances are not an issue.  Location is not an issue.  Freedom of choice is not an issue.

Just imagine, if you would, a world where money is really no object and on our birthday, if we have proven we can take care of these things that we want and promise to love and cherish them, that we have a very likely probability of achieving them.

Do you know that this is the world that all children are supposed to be living in?  Do you realise that the reason why children grow to be adults who do not achieve their goals is because they have been trained by their parents to look at all the limitations?

Do you know that this is the type of existence you are supposed to be living in?

I use Suri and her life as a gentle reminder to you that you are putting obstacles in your path that simply do not exist.  If you don’t like the circumstances under which you are living, stop thinking about it and start dreaming.  Start dreaming big.  Stop throwing perceived obstacles in your path, silly, and start thinking of the endless possibilities as if those obstacles simply did not exist.

In other words…start living the way you were meant to live.

Your friend,




2 thoughts on “An Adorable Human. Being.

  1. I like that message. That will be my New Year’s Resolution. thank you my lady.

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