10 Must-Haves for Every Home


Whether you live in an ultra-modern sleek home or apartment, or a traditional French country home, you know you are cultured when you have these 10 must-have items that speak to your up-bringing and culture.  In addition to these must-haves,  a large crystal vase, monogrammed towels and a fleur dis lis piece are also recommended, but this will get you started, and go beautifully with any design look you may have.  You will find these pieces in every estate home throughout the Europe.

Cheetah print, whether it be a rug, a piece of upholstered furniture or a throw pillow

A Delft Blue Piece

A pair of King Louis XVI chairs

crystal candlesticks

Battenburg Lace, anything

A globe

A Chinese Furniture Piece, whether antique or reproduction

A Lenox vase or picture frame

An Obelisk

An ornate estate-sized mirror

Your friend,




2 thoughts on “10 Must-Haves for Every Home

  1. You are spot on with these Lady Brooks. Looking back, I’ve always found these items irresistable & fabulous when well placed in a home.

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