Lynn N Chicago…Suddenly Taken


My internet sister is gone too soon. Our love goes out to her family who are mourning the loss of someone who positively impacted their lives every single day with love, friendship and nurturing.

Lynn Hudson died suddenly of a heart attack on her 49th birthday leaving behind a husband and children and millions of loyal internet friends, including all the girls of the Real Housewives franchises and Andy Cohen, who all read her blog.  She was delighted to be such a significant blogger in the Real Housewives world and we will not be the same without her.

She single-handedly launched my blogging career by accidentally stumbling upon my very first Jill Zarin blogpost and recommending my blog to her readers. Before I blogged about Jill Zarin, my readers could be counted on one hand.  Then, suddenly, I had thousands of readers.

My point…Lynn had an impact.

Within just 3 days I was involved in a twitter war with Jill Zarin’s assistant and the rest was history. For the first time in my life I was involved in real-life drama and it was more fun than I had ever imagined drama could be.  I realised for the first time why people engaged in drama and why there were drama queens. In its unique way being involved in drama had its rewards.

Lynn and I became fast friends. We would commiserate back-and-forth via email…she, with her busy schedule always finding time to respond with a thought and, me, just tickled-pink that she would do so. Over the weeks and months she invited me to participate in numerous joint endeavors.

Constantly offering her friendship and encouragement to me, I began to come out of my shell with Lynn. She became my staunchest internet ally and supporter through all the twitter wars and defended me even when I felt I was indefensible. Lynn Hudson loved reading my blog. Though she didn’t always agree with me, she found the content always changing and often thought-provoking.

When discouraged, she picked me up. When engaged in internet drama she egged me on.

My biggest regret? That I didn’t have the opportunity to do the same for her.  It seems that in the end she, too, had moments of doubt and discouragement. Please read Carly Hall’s very moving tribute to our dear lost friend, LynnNChicago.

In the future, as I go through more blogging and twitter challenges, I will find myself asking “What would Lynn say?”…and, with that, I’ll be able to forge ahead with confidence and enthusiasm.

Thank you, Lynn.

Our world has been shaken by her sudden passing. In the coming days Carly Hall will be setting up a fund for Lynn’s family. If you enjoyed her blog and appreciated the camaraderie, contribute to this fund as an affirmation to Lynn that she made a joyful difference in your life.

Your friend,




15 thoughts on “Lynn N Chicago…Suddenly Taken

  1. Thank you Lady Brooks. I too am going to miss Lynn with all my heart.

  2. A lovely tribute Lady Brooks. I did not always agree with Lynn but I did read her blog every day. What a shock to lose her so suddenly.I am praying for her family and I hope she went quickly without suffering. Keep up the good work on your blog, I check in every day even if I don’t comment on every post. You make a difference in my life and I thank you 🙂

  3. I just found out about Lynn’s passing and you were the first person I thought of. I found your blog on Lynn’s and I am grateful for having two blogs to read religiously. Thanks to Lynn for her wonderful, truthful insights about our favorites on Bravo (and not so favorites) and for introducing her fans to you. She appeared to be so generous to all who asked for help, and I know her loss to her family and friends must be monumental. I feel so sad for all those around her, including all of her loyal fans, her passing is a great loss.

    • Thank you for your kind comments. Lynn was extremely supportive and somewhat selfless, for this avocation is seldom rewarded and Lynn devoted enormous amounts of time to the tasks involved.

  4. So often people leave our lives suddenly and we have failed to tell them what an impact that they had on us or how much we loved them. I think that Lynn knows how much her friendship and support meant to you. I have often wondered why some people devote sooo much time and effort into putting together when there seems to be such a paltry financial pay off. I know that Lynn loved Bravo and all the HW shows. Unforunately, i think that the program content has become so vulgar and humerless that the shows are just plain offensive. I think Lynn probably would have ended up feeling the same way in time.

    • It’s quite possible she would have. I have grown tired of the shows. That doesn’t mean I don’t watch them, I’m just tired of saying the same old thing…civility, ladies. I do enjoy the personalities of all the ladies, including the superficial and the mundane. Like me, I suspect that Lynn was trying her hand at writing and stumbled upon a little friendship goldmine. Such a goldmine makes all other rewards (financial included) seem paultry in the scheme of things for connection is something that we all seek, isn’t it? In a world of disconnected lives, finding friendship on the internet somehow seems so real. Thank you for writing.

  5. Lady Brooks-
    Thank you for your tribute to our friend.
    Lynn created such a loving and supportive space for so many, she will be sorely missed.
    RIP Lynn

  6. Lovely words from a lovely lady.

  7. Hi Lady Brooks. I am very sad to hear about Lynn’s passing. I pray for her family and friends. Your blog post dedicated to Lynn was beautiful, and I love the friendship that you shared. She will be missed.

  8. Lady,
    I’m glad Lynn was able to provide support to you when things got tough on the net. In the commenting section my motto is, if you wouldn’t say it to them in person, don’t say anything at all. I dont watch all of the housewives shows, but do enjoy NY and BH. I wish you would write more often for us readers. I enjoy your columns even when not about Bravo. Who can forget Alan Greenspan’s race! See, your writing had an impact and I’ll never forget a horse named Alan Greenspan. That’s how you know the readers care about what you choose to write, it remains in their memory.

  9. Rip to the best blogger ever. I’ve read Lynn from the beginning. Please let me know if her followers find a new forum to stay together.

  10. Oh, Lady Brooks, what a wonderful tribute! I was away on vacation and returned home to find the news about Lynn…. I was devastated! I find I come to the computer and don’t know ‘where’ to go as I always went to her site for the latest. I knew that you had taken an extended ‘vacation’ and was really saddened that there’d be no smart, sensible, witty blogging to laugh with about the RH. But… today, I decided to mosey on over to your site and see if you’d been reactivated and HERE YOU ARE!! At a time of great loss in the RH blogosphere, our Lady Brooks has come to the rescue!! Bless you!! I know we have great problems in this world but the RH is such an entertaining outlet for me and I’m so glad you’ve decided to return! Lynn would be proud!! THANK YOU!!

  11. I just learned this today and I am in utter shock! Lynn was very nice. Her blog was one of my favorites. I read the tribute blog and just broke down in tears because I had no idea she was going through all of that. She took on a lot of people and her style was what gained her such a following. To go on your birthday. She will be missed.

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