A Final Farewell to Lynn N Chicago.


Just after our friend Lynn Hudson passed away I wrote a couple of posts on the Real Housewives and it just didn’t feel right to me, so I stopped.  That’s when I realised that I needed to give myself permission to mourn a friend who had truly impacted my life.  For so many of us Lynn was the close, personal friend we had our morning coffee with.  Indeed, sometimes she was so funny we spewed our coffee at risk of hitting our iPad, which happened to me more than once.  I miss her.  I miss her light.

She was the blogger that many of Bravo’s reality tv stars feared, but all read religiously.  They all knew that if Lynn liked them they had a pretty good chance of making it to next year’s season, and that if Lynn panned them they were all but curtains (think Cindy Barshop).

Her opinion often was a measure by which the Bravo executives determined casting decisions and why?…because Lynn Hudson had her finger on the pulse of the viewers…she was a magnet and all uber-obsessed Housewives fans read, and often commented upon, the latest episode on Lynn’s site.  Where else, after all, could we all go to talk about this one or that one?

If one of the stars attracted a lot of negative attention from the audience, (think Jill Zarin), that was Bravo’s sign to recast them and, from Lynn’s site alone, the Bravo execs could tell who had overstayed their welcome (again, think Jill Zarin). There is, after all, a fine line between intriguing drama and reprehensible drama, isn’t there?

This season we’ve certainly seen our share of it.  Innocents have been bullied, poor behaviour has been called out and old wounds have been brought to the surface again.

I’m not sure what our love affair with real drama is, or how Bravo Andy has us all sized up, but Lynn Hudson sure tapped into a huge readership of obsessed  fans and I was so happy to be one of them.  Surely other bloggers will try to fill the Lynn Hudson void and pick up her 4,000,000 readers.  I won’t be one of them as I’ve never had a large following, but I will continue to blog again and, whilst I may have done it before for entertainment value alone, today I will do it to honour our friend who passed.

It’s time for us to mourn and, as seasons in life go, this, too, will pass.

Your friend,




20 thoughts on “A Final Farewell to Lynn N Chicago.

  1. We’re with you, my dear…


  2. Lady I must say lovely and full of heart just like Lynn. Such a lovely read and I as a firend of both really enjoyed it. Thanks so much. ❤

  3. Lynn introduced me to you and I am grateful for that. I do miss reading her blog daily as she put into words what the rest of us felt. I didn’t always agree with her, but loved her perspective, as I do yours. Miss reading you, glad you are back!

  4. This is beautiful, Lady Brooks. I’ve missed you. xoxo

  5. So glad you’re back!! I’ve missed you!! I concur with your words about Lynn, she is missed.

  6. Thank you Lady. Lynn was special to so many readers that we called her our friend without thinking twice. She gave us a voice and she slipped into our daily routines. The RHNJ was difficult to watch because I knew I wasn’t going to get that text from her after the reunion saying – “We made it through another one!” She loved your blog and I am glad she introduced me to it – glad you are back!

  7. Goodbye Lynn 👼 My mornings have never been the same since the day after you died. I enjoyed the humor and I too laughed while dribbling coffee down my chin.
    A very sweet farewell Lady Brooks I cried reading your words. I’ll come back to your blog keep writing.

  8. This is a lovely piece on Lynn. Please come and visit her tribute site at lynnfam.com We’ve been trying to keep the magic that she started going.

  9. Wow. Thank you for such a beautiful tribute to such a beautiful person. Lynn
    truly understood the pulse of the bravo line-up. I respected her opinion tremendously,
    especially since I almost always agreed with her! She was an extremely intelligent woman. Most of all, she allowed everyone to have their say.
    I believe her legacy will be the family of people, who loved and trusted and respected her, that she left behind……. out of love and respect for her the site has
    continued. It’s not the same, but it’s not supposed to be. I am happy that so many
    enjoyed her blog as I did… Thank you again for the lovely words….
    I am going to bookmark your site.

  10. Nice tribute to Lynn 🙂

  11. I too miss Lynn!~She was the very 1st blog I read on here & was introduced to other bloggers (as well as you I too enjoy reading).
    I’ve enjoyed my time on her blog~numerous hrs of reading her comments as well as all the other comments that have kept me up for hrs and was good coffee reading!
    I appreciate all the work , time & energy that goes into blogs as well as all the fun, awesome new friends I’ve made (& a few who hate & blocked me for no reason!)
    I often times STILL forget Lynn is gone and find myself anxious to jump on her blog to get reading only for my heart to sink again :*(
    Thanks for posting these memories of Lynn & giving us another great place to share!
    God Bless!Deb

    • Thank you for saying that. She worked harder than any blogger I know and it really is a shame she was not able to make any money at it. I often joke that Bravo Andy pays us a lot of money, but in fact we are not paid a thing. Looking back, I would have happily paid her for the opportunity to visit her space. She gave us so much. xoxo

  12. Ummm, I think you are overvaluing her importance in regards to Bravos decisions. I know you adored her but come on. Didn’t she demand recognition/acknowledgement from them and was flat out rejected? I read her blog off and on but her polarizing attitude was a major turnoff.

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