#RHOBH Tour Lisa Vanderpump’s Home


Villa Rosa is too stunning for words. Here are some pics from her Housewarming Party from the most recent episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.

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Here are pictures of the interior of her home, as provided by Bravo some months ago.  The rooms are stunning….


Bon Appetite!

Your friend,




2 thoughts on “#RHOBH Tour Lisa Vanderpump’s Home

  1. I love Lisa. I love her wry sense of humor and the fact that she doesn’t seem to take herself too seriously. At the same time- don’t be fooled by the pink rose petals on the outside, she is all steel-rod backbone on the inside.
    Her house looks very “Lisa” as I understand her to be from the show. The only thing I will say is that the house seems very “square” for someone as luscious as she. By that I don’t mean square as in “un-hip”, but square as in “square”- geometric, hard-edged, etc. I would expect her to have a home with more organic bones- a little more curves, more exposed wood, and so forth. However, she has softened it with her choice of furnishings, fabrics, flowers, etc. So it’s all good.
    I wonder if the nude collection belongs to Lisa or to Ken? Again- very organic, curvy lush forms.
    The swimming pool is to die for.
    Her tea party set-up on last night’s episode was beyond lovely. And a thoughtful gift for each guest! I’m so ashamed at how the children behaved. What a waste of a beautiful afternoon. I think I might have cried from frustration if I had gone to all of that trouble and then had my guests completely disregard it.
    Lisa- any time you would like a tea party guest for the afternoon- I am available, I will NOT cause drama, I will breathe in the beautiful roses you had up and down the table, and I will even wear white gloves if you’d like!
    I wonder if Lisa loves peonies as much as she loves roses?

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