The Gentlemen’s Morning Coat

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With the wedding season fast approaching, it’s a good time to discuss the Gentlemen’s Morning Coat, also known as tails.

Preferred by many men over a tuxedo.

Preferred by many men over a tuxedo, any man can more easily wear a morning coat to a tuxedo.

The coat originated during the days when horseback was the primary mode of transportation and allowed for the legs to straddle the horse without any encumbrances, but it has since become an elegant alternative to the tuxedo.

A morning coat is a single-breasted coat, the front parts usually meeting at one button in the middle, and curving away gradually into a pair of tails behind, topped by two ornamental buttons on the waist seam. The lapels are usually pointed, since the coat is now only worn as formalwear. The coat can be grey or black as part of morning dress, and is usually worn with striped, or very occasionally checked trousers.

The morning coat may also be worn as part of a morning suit, which is mid-grey with matching trousers and waistcoat (vest).  In the old days, (haha) a morning suit was only to be worn by nobility as opposed to the morning coat, but today even noblemen can wear the morning coat, as you see Princes William and Harry in the picture above.

When an event invitation suggests a morning coat, it is an indication for women that a dress with matching jacket (suitdress) and hat is appropriate.  Whilst we don’t understand why, the morning coat seems to be more commonly acceptable in England.

Morning coats are always worn at Royal Ascot and at the Derby.

Morning coats are always worn at Royal Ascot and at the Derby, at which time it is always worn with a contrasting waistcoat (or vest)

More flattering than the tuxedo (which just looks like a glorified suit), the morning coat is the coat of choice for society men.  It is always worn for a 10 o’clock or noon wedding, which tend to be the most formal of weddings.  And, whilst it is always appropriate for all wedding times for the groomsmen, who would wear it with a bow tie, wedding guests wear the morning coat without a bow tie and only for daytime affairs.

The White dinner jacket, though still worn for sit down dinners and galas, has become less popular and is most frequently worn when one is invited to a sit down dinner party at the home of a friend. (We know, you’re thinking “who does that, right?” yet plenty of people still have formal dinners, which you’ve seen during a few episodes of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills).

The less formal white dinner jacket is still an outstanding choice for dinner affairs.

The less formal white dinner jacket is still an outstanding choice for dinner affairs.

Both the white dinner jacket and/or the tuxedo is commonly seen being worn by gentlemen at society functions, galas and fundraising events, yet, the morning coat would never be a safe choice for these evening events.

Men always seem to be worried about being over-dressed here in the United States when wearing a tuxedo or morning coat, but we suggest the morning coat become more of an acceptable norm here.

It’s a much cleaner look when hands are in the pocket, as so many men seem to place a hand or two and men who are seen wearing well-fitted morning coats tend to look more relaxed and lend an aire of elegance…kind of like the man who wears the ascot…always elegant.

Always elegant.

Always elegant

We just located this outstanding morning coat guide on the internet, which you might like to take a peak at…

Now you’re a woman in the know.

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