Cate Blanchett’s Hermes Birkin Bag…the Other Blue Jasmine Star

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When the movie Blue Jasmine first came out, we just loved the costuming, especially Cate Blanchett’s character for which she just won the  Academy Award for Best Actress, as Jasmine.  Not only did we think it was a brilliant movie, but Jasmine was dressed so exquisitely, from the camel Hermes Birkin bag, to the Chanel jacket and necklace, Cate pulled it all off so well.

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In nearly every scene her Birkin played a role and the popularity of the camel Hermes Birkin bag has soared as a result, just ask our source for the fake Birkin…they’ve had the biggest spike in sales they’ve ever had.

We have written numerous posts about our celebrity friends who carry their Birkin’s well, including Jane Birkin


and some who haven’t done such a good job, like Kim Kardashian’s new Birkin baby bag which we think was taken a little too far.

images (3)

We love the Hermes Birkin bag.  We’ve just added a new category called “Birkin” in the blog so you can see who you know that’s carrying a Birkin around town.

Obviously, not every woman can afford the real Hermes Birkin bag, whose prices range from around $17,000 to $150,000.  Even those who can comfortably afford the real thing feel that spending the money on a handbag simply isn’t worth it to them.  For those, the fake Birkin seems to be a preferred choice.  The fake is apparently so good nobody can tell, just ask Taylor Armstrong who pranced all over Beverly Hills with hers, fooling even her best friend who asked for Taylor’s Birkins to settle a lawsuit.  In case you missed our earlier post as to where to get a good fake Birkin…it’s here.

For those ladies who want the real thing, we saw this tee-shirt and thought “hmmmm…that’s one way to attract a monied man”…right?


Perhaps not.

Actually, we think if a brand new Hermes Birkin bag isn’t in the budget, the second-hand market for Birkins is an excellent way to go. Birkin bags hold their value, but be careful…you want to buy a used Birkin from a reliable and knowledgeable source.  We recommend for truly well-appraised and priced resale Birkins.

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