How to Get the Best Table

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The “Top of the World” restaurant sits high above the Las Vegas Strip and is one of the few revolving restaurants in the world. It is a MUST experience if you only have one fancy dinner planned for your trip. Dinner for two, including one glass of wine each, a salad (shared) and a side vegetable (shared) to accompany your entre. $160, plus tip.

When a gentleman makes a reservation at a fine restaurant he is likely doing it with the intention of making the evening special for his date, whether it’s his wife, his first date with a new girl, or a special occasion. He is also making reservations with many, many other men who have the same goal in mind, so how is he to stand out so he receives exactly what he wants?

Rule #1 – Regardless of your age, never make the reservation or present yourself to the Hostess using your first name. That’s right. Present yourself as, for example, “Mr. Davis”, and state your preference…”I would like an intimate table for two on the window at 8 tonight”.  You have, in this way, differentiated yourself as a gentleman of stature who wants the very best.

Rule #2 – What is “Mr. Davis” to do when he is escorted by the Hostess to a non-window seat with a bright (not intimate) light glaring down on his table? Simply turn around and tell the Hostess “This won’t do. We’ll wait for _________” (fill in the blank).  Though there may be a slew of others standing in wait for their reservation to be fulfilled, stand properly and wait. Standing in her face will NOT assure that the very next table will be presented to you.

Assuming you are spending a great deal of your hard-earned money on this special dinner, don’t compromise.

By following this rule, two things happen:

  1. you demonstrate that you expect only the best service (and you will get it), and
  2. you make your date know that it is only her for whom you are demanding the best so that she can have the romantic dinner she deserves and desires

…translated…score big points.

Exampled, the above situation with him not following those two rules. Dinner at the Top of the World, atop the Stratosphere in Las Vegas. He uses his first name, which never seems appropriate for a man in his sixties. Reservation under the name “Gary” (that will get him a lot of respect). When escorted to the table he proceeds to sit down, whereupon she says she doesn’t like the table and would rather wait. He follows the Hostess out and she hands him a small “table is ready” buzzer and he goes to sit down. What if they had taken the assigned table? She would have missed the whole reason they’re there…the view…he would have lost his romantic edge…and she would have looked harsh in the bright light.

And, how long do you imagine he sat there in his very unimpressive, passive position? Forty-two minutes.

You get the point.

Your friend,






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