A Final Farewell to Lynn N Chicago.

Just after our friend Lynn Hudson passed away I wrote a couple of posts on the Real Housewives and it just didn’t feel right to me, so I stopped.  That’s when I realised that I needed to give myself permission to mourn a friend who had truly impacted my life.  For so many of us Lynn was the close, personal friend we had our morning coffee with.  Indeed, sometimes she was so funny we spewed our coffee at risk of hitting our iPad, which happened to me more than once.  I miss her.  I miss her light.

She was the blogger that many of Bravo’s reality tv stars feared, but all read religiously.  They all knew that if Lynn liked them they had a pretty good chance of making it to next year’s season, and that if Lynn panned them they were all but curtains (think Cindy Barshop).

Her opinion often was a measure by which the Bravo executives determined casting decisions and why?…because Lynn Hudson had her finger on the pulse of the viewers…she was a magnet and all uber-obsessed Housewives fans read, and often commented upon, the latest episode on Lynn’s site.  Where else, after all, could we all go to talk about this one or that one?

If one of the stars attracted a lot of negative attention from the audience, (think Jill Zarin), that was Bravo’s sign to recast them and, from Lynn’s site alone, the Bravo execs could tell who had overstayed their welcome (again, think Jill Zarin). There is, after all, a fine line between intriguing drama and reprehensible drama, isn’t there?

This season we’ve certainly seen our share of it.  Innocents have been bullied, poor behaviour has been called out and old wounds have been brought to the surface again.

I’m not sure what our love affair with real drama is, or how Bravo Andy has us all sized up, but Lynn Hudson sure tapped into a huge readership of obsessed  fans and I was so happy to be one of them.  Surely other bloggers will try to fill the Lynn Hudson void and pick up her 4,000,000 readers.  I won’t be one of them as I’ve never had a large following, but I will continue to blog again and, whilst I may have done it before for entertainment value alone, today I will do it to honour our friend who passed.

It’s time for us to mourn and, as seasons in life go, this, too, will pass.

Your friend,





Lynn N Chicago…Suddenly Taken

My internet sister is gone too soon. Our love goes out to her family who are mourning the loss of someone who positively impacted their lives every single day with love, friendship and nurturing.

Lynn Hudson died suddenly of a heart attack on her 49th birthday leaving behind a husband and children and millions of loyal internet friends, including all the girls of the Real Housewives franchises and Andy Cohen, who all read her blog.  She was delighted to be such a significant blogger in the Real Housewives world and we will not be the same without her.

She single-handedly launched my blogging career by accidentally stumbling upon my very first Jill Zarin blogpost and recommending my blog to her readers. Before I blogged about Jill Zarin, my readers could be counted on one hand.  Then, suddenly, I had thousands of readers.

My point…Lynn had an impact.

Within just 3 days I was involved in a twitter war with Jill Zarin’s assistant and the rest was history. For the first time in my life I was involved in real-life drama and it was more fun than I had ever imagined drama could be.  I realised for the first time why people engaged in drama and why there were drama queens. In its unique way being involved in drama had its rewards.

Lynn and I became fast friends. We would commiserate back-and-forth via email…she, with her busy schedule always finding time to respond with a thought and, me, just tickled-pink that she would do so. Over the weeks and months she invited me to participate in numerous joint endeavors.

Constantly offering her friendship and encouragement to me, I began to come out of my shell with Lynn. She became my staunchest internet ally and supporter through all the twitter wars and defended me even when I felt I was indefensible. Lynn Hudson loved reading my blog. Though she didn’t always agree with me, she found the content always changing and often thought-provoking.

When discouraged, she picked me up. When engaged in internet drama she egged me on.

My biggest regret? That I didn’t have the opportunity to do the same for her.  It seems that in the end she, too, had moments of doubt and discouragement. Please read Carly Hall’s very moving tribute to our dear lost friend, LynnNChicago.  http://lynnnchicago.com

In the future, as I go through more blogging and twitter challenges, I will find myself asking “What would Lynn say?”…and, with that, I’ll be able to forge ahead with confidence and enthusiasm.

Thank you, Lynn.

Our world has been shaken by her sudden passing. In the coming days Carly Hall will be setting up a fund for Lynn’s family. If you enjoyed her blog and appreciated the camaraderie, contribute to this fund as an affirmation to Lynn that she made a joyful difference in your life.

Your friend,