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Yolanda Foster on the Perfect Dinner Party

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We thought you’d enjoy this post written by Yolanda Foster on her blog.  Though it may be hard to believe given our current weather conditions, spring is just around the corner and our summer entertaining is about to go full-swing, so read Yolanda’s post. We think you’ll enjoy it.  Of course, we’re all about entertaining and living a luxury lifestyle. As a professional in the bespoke tabletop business, I couldn’t have said this better.


Here’s her post.

And, in case you missed Yolanda’s Master Cleanse, which I have now done, here’s my post and the recipe

Incidentally, if you haven’t been to my Facebook page, I truly try to bring you things and places of exquisite beauty.  Though few can live the luxury lifestyle, it’s so nice to be taken to places that evoke beauty and serenity.  That’s what I so wish to share with you there.

Enjoy the article on Hosting the perfect dinner party.  May your dinner table and guest list be a perfect picture of beauty and joy!

p.s. Yolanda does the Birkin well.

p.s. Yolanda does the Birkin well.

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#RHOBH Taylor Armstrong Admits Birkins Were Fake



Ever since we watched the episode of “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” where Taylor Armstrong settled her lawsuit with Hermes Birkin bags and her engagement ring, rumours have been swirling that everything was fake.

We admit, we figured the ring was fake, but never really believed the Birkins were but, alas…

On twitter Taylor confirmed it when a follower asked her straight out…

“Are ur Birkin bags really fake?”

Taylor answered…

 “Absolutely! 2 that were gifts from my X ended up being fake #badgifts”

Then, not surprisingly, the follower told her to come clean and admit she knew they were fakes and Taylor said they were gifts and she never questioned their authenticity.

That makes sense to me, actually.

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The VanderPump Shoe Line

The $902 Lisain Vanderpump. Love it!

The $902 Lisain – VanderPump

An update on the VanderPump shoe…

Vanderpump is VanderMumm on the shoe line.

Everybody knows that we here at LadyBrooks.com are quite fond of Ms. Lisa Vanderpump and have, from time to time, featured her style here. It goes without saying that her decorating and personal style are exquisite and we do our best to share with you those things we think you’ll find of interest about Lisa Vanderpump’s life, such as pictures of her Birkin bag collection, tours of her home and frequently share with you little tips she wants to share with her fans. We’ve featured her exquisite book, Simply Divine…

images (22)   We have shared tips from her website… images (23)

Since we’re obsessed with table settings we’ve talked about her table settings,


her interiors…

images (24)

and shared pictures of her daughter’s wedding…

And this job.

Pandora’s wedding.

In all this sharing, nothing excited us more, from a consumer perspective, than the launch of Lisa’s new shoe line, the VanderPump.

Now, we’ll all agree that Lisa has been busy.  Since she announced the launch of her new line she and Ken have married their daughter, Pandora, and readied their home for the big event; remodeled and expanded SUR, the restaurant around which Vanderpump Rules is filmed; opened a new restaurant PUMP, sold the beautiful home Pandora was married at; purchased a new home; remodeled that new home; and, launched her new show, in addition to her business management duties and her Real Housewives of Beverly Hills filming schedule.

In short, when has Lisa had time to launch a new shoe line?  In fact, we think she poo-pooed the whole thing when the MaloofHoof issue came up because there is no shoe line.

We reached out to her designer, Ryan Haber, but received no response and reached out to Lisa, also without a response.

We are here to announce that Lisa Vanderpump no longer has a shoe line.  She never had one.  Here’s the link to Haber’s site, which at one time featured the above-pictured shoe, the “Lisain”, later renamed the “Pinky”.


Could it be that the line is not going to come out? Could it be that Lisa simply hasn’t had the time to focus on it?  Could it be that they made prototypes but had no major buyers pick up the line, like Neiman Marcus?  Could it be that the market was over-saturated with new shoe launches so Lisa nixed the idea entirely?  Could this be another Real Housewives product flop?

We don’t know the answers, but will keep you informed as we learn more, either from Ryan Haber or Lisa Vanderpump.  Don’t hold your breath though because, as you know, both parties are VanderMumm, for whatever reason.

In the meantime, what’s this about a Vodka line that Lisa announced last week on twitter…

“I made Vanderpump vodka for our bars… It is cheaper and waaaay more beautiful!!”


It’s time to let go of the VanderPump and move on to Vodka.  Many a real housewife has left her shoes behind in favour of a vodka martini.

Your friend,




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A Look at the Many Birkins of Lisa Vanderpump

Lisa Vanderpump sporting one of her many Berkins.

Lisa Vanderpump sporting one of her many Birkins.

Since we’ve been exploring the Birkin bag (Hermes), we thought you would enjoy this peek into Lisa’s closet for a glimpse of just some of her many Birkins.

In case you missed our other Birkin bag posts, here they are:

The Birkin Bag, A Real Housewives Favourite

Birkin Sales Soar

Here’s a look at Lisa’s Birkins, but remember, it’s quite un-Lady-line to drool!


If you were to ask “what would make a grown woman cry?”…we’d say…”this is it.”

Your friend,