The White House Table Service

Whilst the rest of the world yaks about the cost of the White House hosting a state dinner (approximately $500K), I glee in looking at the table service.

For nearly 100 years the State table service has been provided by the American china manufacturer, Lenox.  Lenox has created the state china since the Woodrow Wilson era.  To see the table services for each president, click here to go to the Lenox White House page, where they have a lovely display of the settings.

The table service for the Obama White House

The table service for the Obama White House

What we like is the current public sentiment to employ American manufacturers. The British Royals have always used UK manufacturers for their product needs, scarcely, if ever, buying anything made outside of the country and we need to see more of this done here in the US.  For every $38,000 spent on an American-made product, another full-time employee is put to work, with benefits.

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